Haiti in Crisi

Agricultural Training is changing lives in Haiti!

At the Agricultural Training Center (ATC), we have demonstration gardens to teach techniques for preparing a seedbed, composting, organic fertilizers, pest control, irrigation, etc.

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Love is something you do...

Click through the images below to learn about the issues faced by Haiti’s children living in poverty – and how you can help.

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Meet Bobby & Sherry Burnette

We want to thank you for visiting our website because this means you are someone with a heart of compassion for those living in poverty in Haiti.

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Click here to read our Love A Child magazine.

It’s full of updates from the Mission Field, and we hope you will enjoy reading about all the great things God has done!

We’re so thankful that you are a part of helping Haiti!

With your help, we can make a difference!

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Faith hope and love devotional a 990 day walk with god book by sherry bobby burnette

Now Available!

Join Sherry & Bobby Burnette in 90 days of prayer and Scripture readings by requesting your copy of Faith, Hope, and Love Devotional – A 90-Day Walk With God today. The book also features full-page, vibrant, colorful pictures of life in Haiti!

Request their newest book with a donation of any amount to Love A Child.

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